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Date: July 26 - July 28, 2019
Grounds Wide - 208-765-4969

Julyamsh – The Largest Outdoor Powwow in the Northwest!

July 26-28, 2019 at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds

$10 Admission: (12 and Under free)$10 Adult/Teen Dancer registration


  • Grand Entry
  • Friday 7 pm
    Saturday 1 pm and 7 pm
    Sunday 1 pm

Camping Thursday - Saturday: $20
kootenai County Fairgrounds


Vendors: 1 800 523-2464 x7494
Registration: 1 800 523-2464 x7346
Horse Parade: 1 800 523-2464 x7446
Powwow Director: 1 800 523-2464 x7273
Head Staff: 208 568-0401
Royalty: 425 418-6034


Powwows are celebrations, social gatherings and friendly dance competitions surrounded by ceremonial and traditional beliefs and teachings. Sacred traditions are often found in these gatherings of Native Americans throughout the United States.

Some regalia can specify special events or honors a person’s life, specific traditions or symbols rooted in legend. Each dancer has a different style of decorative symbols: birds, flowers, geometrical designs, etc. Most of the symbols are handed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Each family may use a specific symbol, as do many tribes.

Native Americans do not think of themselves as wearing “costumes.” Costumes are reserved for Halloween and such. They refer to the dance gear as an “outfit” or “regalia.”

Everyone is welcome at a powwow; regardless of the tribe they are from. Non-Indians are welcome, too. For those of you who are new visitors, a bit of explanation might enhance the enjoyment and understanding. Powwows are not tourist attractions – that is one fact that many fail to grasp. Everyone is welcome, but the dancing will start when the time is right and will end when the time is right.

All powwows begin with a grand entry. The term is a contemporary word used to describe what was once called a victory dance. If you can imagine the area where the dancers are dancing, the crowd, the Master of Ceremonies – everyone is gathered together – all of these things symbolize the opening of the first dance, the return of the warriors from the war trail or a raid of neighboring tribes to get horses, or a successful hunting party. The grand entry can be described as an announcement of the warriors or a part of the tribe’s homecoming. The warriors would change into their finest clothing a few miles from the main camp. A serpentine ride in the form of a snake down a hill and onto flat ground would complete the journey into camp. As they made their way to camp, the snake dance song would be presented and a victory song would be sung – thus the grand entry. It symbolizes the warriors coming home, arriving at the camp and into the area where a social dance would be held to welcome them and celebrate their successful ride. The riders would return displaying their finery and the things they gained on their trail.

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