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2021 Foundation Board Members

Dwayne Glemser
Kimberly Cornelius
Vice President
Diana Lillefloren
Kelly McFarlane
Merlin Berger
Elizebeth Berkenkamp
David Bobbitt Jr.
Historical Committee Chair
Mary Luann Larson
Dave Nussear
Rachel Peters
Ann Siebert
Dorine Souther
Gayle Stegmann
Cowboy Ball Chair
Kevin Kirking
Past President

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(208) 765-4969
P.O. Box 1337
Hayden, ID 83835

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Historical Preservation Committee

The Foundation Board has received many requests from those individuals who strongly desire to see the historical unfolding of our beautiful fairgrounds, since its inception in 1922 to where it lays today, documented and preserved. At the gentle nudging of folks passionate about this endeavor, including Carlene Meyer, Dave Nussear and Barbara Renner to name a few, we have formed a ‘Historical Preservation Committee’ that is chaired by Chris Holloway, former Manager of the Fairgrounds.

In the fall of 2020, the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo Foundation formed the Historical Preservation Committee.

The Committee’s primary objectives are preserving the Fair’s history, sharing the Fair’s community impact from its inception, and telling the story of how the grounds came to the present site. Using photos, video interviews, and written narratives, we will endeavor to create assets that will allow the fairgrounds to share its heritage. Possible outlets discussed include the Fair website, a YouTube channel or other video outlet, copy and pictorial accounts in fair promotions, as well as building educational displays.

The initial steps of the committee include; Defining and inventorying the present fair archives of photos, documents, and memorabilia. Creating a central location at the fairgrounds for storage of documents, and setting up a system to capture images digitally.

Compiling data regarding the building and grounds into an up to date narrative highlighting people, events and buildings.

In addition, our committee will be seeking volunteers and reaching out to the community asking for photos and stories.

Would you like to join? Please reach out to us via email or by phone to discuss the next steps!

Current Comittee Members
David Bobbitt Jr.
Chris Halloway
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